Thursday, August 2, 2018

Lee's Hill Lightning News - Team Breakfast and Other Important Reminders

Lee's Hill Lightning Families,


1. Tomorrow we will have a team breakfast after each practice! Each swimmer, Please bring a breakfast item (and serving utensil, if needed) to share with your teammates!

We will have our Annual Swimmers' Breakfasts after each practice on 8/3. Please send a breakfast item(s) to share with your swimmer(s).  ***Please remember serving utensils if necessary and label any dishes/pans that need to be returned. 

Muffins, breads, egg dishes, and fruit would be great items to send.  Please have your child come with their own water bottle so they have a drink during the breakfast.

Please label any ingredients for homemade items or include the ingredient list on store bought goods.  We want to make sure anyone with allergy concerns can know what is included.  Thank you!

2. Bring any final Practice with a Purpose donations to submit to me at practice tomorrow! Checks are OK – please make them out to LHST.

3. If you are a poster buddy, please bring it to practice tomorrow and give it to Mari Galindo-Sanchez.

4. Please do not forget to RSVP for the Awards Banquet on Sunday, August 5th at 5 PM at the Southside Pool

Please join us at the SOUTH pool at 5:00 on Sunday, August 5th, to celebrate a great season, hold our annual meeting, and award our wonderful swimmers!!  

Please RSVP using the Evite link so we have an accurate headcount:

The Swim Team will provide a nacho bar, hotdogs and drinks. 

Please help by bringing the following:

A-G,  dessert

H-L, fruit dish (sliced watermelon, fruit salad, etc.)

M-S, pasta or casserole dish (e.g. mac and cheese, tortellini, etc)

T-Z, salad (e.g. green, potato, pasta)

* If your family has more than four people, please consider bringing two items to share.  With our smaller team this year, we want to ensure that there is enough food for everyone attending.  Thanks!

* Please bring any serving utensils and dishes needed.  Be sure to label them so they can get returned to you. 

* Please bring pool passes for entrance into the pool. 

If you have any questions please contact Julie Appleton: 540-538-1920 or

5. Bring ALL your team spirit and fast swimming to Finals on Saturday at the Ron Rosner YMCA!!!


Go Lightning!!⚡️




Lee's Hill Lightning News - RSL FINALS ARE ALMOST HERE

Lee’s Hill Lightning Families,


Well – RSL Finals are almost here!


I see that all our Lightning swimmers are practicing hard during this last week.


It should be a very exciting meet! Anything can happen at Finals!


I have been told that we ARE allowed in the gym this year – so remember to bring your chairs, healthy snacks and drinks! The host team will have concessions up and running!



Friday Evening:


Finals Set-Up 6:00PM until Complete


1stSession (Events 1 – 24)

1stSession Warm-Ups: 7:00AM – 8:00AM

·     7:00-7:20 Lane 1, 2, 3, 4: LOW; Lane 5, 6, 7, 8: CH

·     7:20-7:40 Lane 1, 2, 3, 4: C; Lane 5, 6, 7, 8: HO

·     7:40-8:00 Lane 1, 2, 3, 4: AR; Lane 5, 6, 7, 8: LH

2.   Opening/Star Spangled Banner: 8:10AM 

3.   Events 1 - 22: 8:15AM - 10:30AM (approx.) 

2ndSession (Events 25 - 44)

1.   2ndSession Warm-Ups: 10:30AM -11:30AM

·     10:30-10:50 Lane 1, 2, 3, 4: LOW; Lane 5, 6, 7, 8: CH

·     10:50-11:10 Lane 1, 2, 3, 4: C; Lane 5, 6, 7, 8: HO

·     11:10-11:30 Lane 1, 2, 3, 4: AR; Lane 5, 6, 7, 8: LH

2.   Events 23 – 42: 11:45AM - 2:00PM (approx.)

3rdSession (Events 45 – 68)

Events 43 – 66:  2:00PM - 4:15PM (approx.)


Finals Clean-Up:  4:30PM until complete


Timers and Stroke and Turn Officials Meeting will be announced.




The meet is broken into two halves (with 3 worker’s sessions). 

Our team warms up at 7:40 AM.  Please be at the Spotsylvania YMCA by 7:10 AM.

First session will start promptly 8:15 AM and includes all events for swimmers 10 and under (events 1-22). 

The second half will begin at approximately 11:45 AM and will include the graduated relays, 12 & under IM, 12 & under Medley Relay, and 12 & under 100 Free (events 23-42).  Our warm ups starts at 11:10, Please

be at the pool no later than 10:40.

After that all the 11-12 and older events will take place (events 43-66).  The complete event list is attached. 2018 Finals Programs that included the heat sheets will be for sale for $10.00 and will be available at the

meet. T-Shirts will also be for sale for $10.00 if you did not preorder.  I would suggest buying them early, as they go quickly.

There are two halves to the meet, but three worker's sessions. The first session includes all events in the first half (events 1-24). The second session is events 25-44 and the third session is events 45-68. 


The event entries shall be divided into 3 groups designated A, B, and C.

 In scored individual events, points will be given to the 6 competitors who achieve the fastest times in each of the A, B, and C groupings.

 Points awarded for 1st through 6th places will be: 7, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1, respectively.  Awards will be given to the 6 competitors who achieve the fastest times in each of the A, B, and C groupings.

 In scored relay events, points will be given to the 6 teams who achieve the fastest times.

 Points awarded for 1st through 6th place will be: 14, 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2, respectively.  Awards will be given to the 6 teams who achieve the fastest times.



The volunteer positions are filling up – thank you for signing up - but I still need the following positions filled.


As a reminder – if your child is swimming in Finals – you are required to sign up for at least one position.


Clerk of Course – Helper                         First Session


Parking Monitor                                       First Session - 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.


Scorer - Data Entry                                   Second Session


Clerk of Course - Helper                          Second Session


Locker Room Marshall - Boys                Second Session


Safety Marshall - Warm Ups & Pool     Second Session


Stroke and Turn*                                     Third Session


Ribbons                                                     Third Session


Heat Ribbons                                            Third Session


Heat Sheet Sales                                      Third Session


Meet Breakdown                                     End of Meet


Meet Breakdown                                     End of Meet


See you at the pool!



Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Lee's Hill Lightning News - Practice with a Purpose - Monday July 30th

Practice with a Purpose

July 24, 2018

Dear Lee’s Hill Lightning Families,


We have had a great 2018 swim season so far! I hope everyone is getting ready for RSL Finals!


Thanks to our wonderful families who continue to support us in so many ways, our generous corporate sponsors, and of course an amazing group of swimmers and their families which truly are the backbone of the Lee’s Hill Lightning Swim Team.


THANK YOU for all that you do for the Lee’s Hill Lighting Swims Team and our swim community.


We strive to meet our challenge of keeping reasonable program costs while covering the continually increased pool expenses and our insurance.


Since it was such a big success last year - we would like to continue with Practice with a Purpose. For any new families - we call one of practices near the end of the season – Practice with a Purpose!  The goal is to make this Practice with a Purpose a fundraiser for the team and some


very important charities supporting our physically challenged swimmers in our community!


Last year our swimmers swam over 52 miles and raised over $1200!


The team donated to:

  1. Lake of the Woods Adaptive Water Sports
  2. Fredericksburg Chapter National Federation of the Blind
  3. Disability Resources Center


This year we would like to support one of our very inspirational swimmers by donating funds to some organizations that help him.


The Bardet-Biedl Syndrome Family Association and the local Sunshine Baseball Foundation.


Besides challenging our swimmers to Practice with a Purpose by swimming as many practice laps as they can, we will be:


  • Enjoying some refreshments
  • Taking photos of smiling faces
  • Cheering on our teammates as they push towards swimming as many practice laps as they can!


To make this happen, we need two things from you:


  • Your swimmer's participation in the Practice with a Purpose
  • Parent volunteers to help cheer on our swimmers




On Monday, July 30th, swimmers will swim as many practice laps as they can in any stroke during their normal practice time.


Prior to that event, each swimmer will have the opportunity to raise pledges from family and friends. From the monies raised, the Lee’s Hill Lightning Swim Team will be giving back to the community!




Ask relatives, friends, and neighbors to pledge either a flat amount or per lap pledge. Please, no door-to-door asking! Turn in Sponsor Summary Sheet with all money by Friday August 3rd at the team breakfast before RSL Finals. Checks cans be made out to LHST.


PARENT VOLUNTEERS! Your assistance is welcome to help donate food, count the swimmers practice laps, and hand out refreshments during the morning practice.


CHEER! Praising your swimmer and other swimmers is the best way to encourage our swimmers to swim more laps and it builds comradery amongst our Lee’s Hill Lightning Swim Team family.


We look forward to your participation in our fun-filled Practice with a Purpose!


Go Lightning!




Monday, July 23, 2018


Lee’s Hill Lightning Families,






Have a great day!


Go Lightning!



Sunday, July 22, 2018

Lee's Hill Lightning News - Spirit night at Fun-Land in Central Park - Thursday, July 26: 3-10 PM

Lee’s Hill Lightning Families,


Here is the important information regarding our last Spirit Night!


This spirit night we will a fun filled afternoon and evening at Central Park Fun-land with unlimited rides and attractions from 3-10 PM on Thursday, July 26th .


If you are interested, you must purchase your $25.00 wristband at the following website:


The wristbands will NOT be available for purchase at the door.


The team receives a portion from every wristband sold.


Please pass this e-mail on to friends, family, neighbors, anyone who would like to join in on the fun!


Go Lightning!