Thursday, August 3, 2017

Lee's Hill Lightning News - Just A Reminder!

Lee’s Hill Lightning Families,

I hope everyone is excited about RSL Finals on Saturday!

I will be at the Swimmers Breakfast tomorrow morning to collect any additional money from Monday mornings -  Practice with a Purpose!

I still cannot believe that our Lightning Swimmers swan over 3,350 practice laps that morning! Wow!  If my math is right that is over 52 miles!

Just a reminder of our two upcoming social events! If you haven't already, please RSVP for the end of season party using the evite link below!


After each practice on Friday, August 4th, we will have our Annual Swimmers' Breakfasts. Please send a breakfast item(s) to share with your swimmer(s). *Please remember serving utensils if necessary and to label any dishes/pans that need to be returned. 


Please join us at the SOUTH pool at 5:00 on Sunday, August 6th, to celebrate a great season, hold our annual meeting and award our fabulous swimmers!! 

Please RSVP at

The team will provide nacho chips/meat and hotdogs. Please help by bringing:

A-F,  dessert

G-J, fruit dish

K-O, pasta or casserole dish (e.g. mac and cheese, tortellini, etc)

P-T, salad (e.g. green, potato, pasta)

U-Z, nacho toppings (e.g. salsa, sour cream, beans, shredded lettuce, etc.)

* If your dish requires a serving utensil, please provide.

* Please bring drinks for your family.

* Please bring pool passes for entrance into the pool. 

* If you have any questions please contact Beth Valasko: (540)841-0064 or

Go Lightning!



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